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is a harvard law grad, former assistant p.a., and peace corps volunteer. and now representing suburban boston in congress. the republican challenger, 37-year-old sean belot, is an ivy league educated marine. >> i have a decade in business. >> reporter: in a debate sunday, belot argued kennedy isn't ready and is coasting on the family coast tails. >> i don't think any other district in the country people would consider you qualified for this office. >> i've got a sizeable record of public service. >> reporter: joe, who introduced a tribute to ted kennedy at the democratic convention. >> for my uncle kennedy, politics was always about people. >> reporter: he says he knows his name comes with benefits. >> it's certainly an advantage, i'm very proud of my family's history of public service. >> reporter: spanning six decades of fabled and at times flawed history. jfk went to congress in 1947, before the camelot days of the white house. bobby and ted served in the senate. their sons, joe and patrick, in the house. and now it's joe's son who is on the ballot. and getting a boost from his grandmother
the sound of this? snookie's law. actually a state legislature in new jersey who wants to amend the laws to take care of certain reality shows like "jersey shore." >> so local communities have more say what shows come and film. >> exactly, and hiring more police as the need may be in some cases. we'll talk about that at the top of the hour. we'll talk about the supermodel in italy who walked the runway. she's six months pregnant, and it's kind of stirring up a little bit of a controversy. there she is. so we'll talk about that. >> and today, she looks good. >> are you kidding? >> i know. >> we should all look so good, yeah. >> little miss grumpy pants, okay. you look okay, okay? every dollar counts these days. bad investments can really wipe you out. five tips for avoiding bad economic advice and tips for choosing the right economic adviser. >> taking a tip from al's class yesterday, let's go inside to natalie at the news desk. >> thank you, matt, savannah and al. good morning, everyone. a hotly contested call by an nfl replacement referee has the sports world outraged. the last second h
for their trust, earn their support and eventually their vote. >> reporter: he is a harvard law grad, peace corps volunteer. now representing suburban boston. >> i have a decade in business, helping grow companies. >> reporter: in a debate televised sunday, he argued kennedy isn't ready and is coasting on the family coat tail. >> i don't think in any other state or district in the country people would consider you're qualified for this office. >> i have a sizable record of public service. >> reporter: joe who introduced a tribute to ted kennedy at the democratic convention. >> for my uncle teddy, politics was always about people. >> reporter: he knows his famous name comes with benefits. >> it is an advantage, i am proud of my family's history of public service. >> reporter: spanning six decades of sometimes a flawed history. jfk went to congress in '47 before the camelot days of the white house. bobby and ted served in the senate. their sons, joe and patrick, in the house. now joe's son who is on the ballot, getting a boost from his grandmother ethel. >> she has been on a number of campaign stop
. >> apparently. >> the governor of california jerry brown signed a law that lets self-driving cars on to public roads. a new law goes into effect next year. it will take years before a fully autonomous car is out on the roads, but there's a new super modified prius. >> why. why do we want that? >> so you can aid the blind, for example, there's one reason they give. >> also drivers who have had too much to drink, this could be an option, or could you take a cab, just saying. but there it is. >> how would you feel, you look across and there's no one in the driver's seat? >> i just -- i just, you know, wait for the day when one of those gets in an accident, goes forb forbid. >> when they cut you off in traffic. there's no satisfaction in that. >> remember the great scene in the "vacation" movie where everyone is asleep in the car and chevy chase is asleep at the wheel, too. now it could be self-. it was a lexus that came out with a self-parking car. terrible idea. apparently that works. i wouldn't know so maybe this has promise. >> some merit to it. >> don't we need a correction on our bagel botox
, having come to high school in the u.s. as an exchange student, and rising to the top of a giant u.s. law firm before going home to france to be minister of finance. there's a lot of talk in our country and around the world among women having it all. you've raised two children. you also ran a major american law firm. what is the secret? >> i think can you not have it all at the same time. i think you can in a way have it all as long as you can afford to be patient and not have it all at the same time. you have to accept that there will be failures. >> reporter: now overseeing the global economy, she says the primary threat to the u.s. recovery is the fiscal cliff, the combination of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts looming in january that could stop the economy cold if congress and the white house failed to act. >> if i was to sort of give a piece of very humble and modest advice, it would be focused on the very dear consequences that could result from the fiscal cliff actually resulting in a 4% deficit reduction. this is something that is very, very serious. >> reporter: she sees he
warren used her native american heritage to gain any employment advantage with law school. >> do you consider yourself a minority? >> i listed myself as native american. i was listed there. it's part of who i am. >> reporter: brown argues that warren has not told voters why she switched between calling herself native american on applications. >> she changed her nationality to native american. >> reporter: and later referred to herself as white. >> at the pinnacle of her success when she became tenured at harvard she changed back to being white. >> are you hiding something? >> no, i'm not. i never used it for college, for law school or to get a job. >> reporter: to appeal to democrats who far outnumber republicans here, brown calls himself an independent thinker who works with president obama. >> of course i'm going to be proud to stand with the president. he is our president, and when he does something well, i praise him. >> reporter: but warren hit brown for raising money by tying his re-election to republicans gaining control of the senate. >> when senator brown talks here in massa
't it? >> yeah. they're talking about passing a law, the government is talking about drafting a law in india that would require husbands to pay the salary of the wife. he might think it through before he asks you to marry him. right? look at hoda. >> you're right. okay. here's the thing -- and i think this is the case. a woman doesn't want to ask -- if her husband's making the money, a woman doesn't want to say, honey, can i have money so i can go to the grocery store? can i have money -- it's gross, a terrible feeling. you don't want to do that. you have earned it because you're doing a lot. >> these are the things nobody wants to talk about when they're in love. nobody wants to talk about the things that actually will keep you in love if you actually take the time to talk them over and discuss it and know what's expected of you and how it's going to work before you get married. >> i know. you're so ga-ga you don't care about those things. and then it hits you. and it ruins your life. >> i'm going off today for a wedding. i'm excited. my niece is marrying a lovely guy named mark. i
frankly, then they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. it appears that the law does not apply to police officers. we want them to be justice across the board. we want justice for the family of anthony anderson. >> city police say the two officers involved are suspended with pay while homicide detectives investigate anderson's death. >> good morning. let's start you off with a live view of the radar. this is over the past three hours. we had a few sprinkles move through around the state early on. those have all basically cleared out. looking for nice conditions right now if you plan to be outside. that could change as we get into the afternoon. here's a look at the forecast for today. we're expecting temperatures to be in the low to mid 70s with a mick of clouds and sunshine today. scattered showers are possible especially towards the late afternoon and evening hours. that means after 4 and 5 p.m. in baltimore. that's when you could start to see wet weather. they're likely to be scattered so not everyone will get them. 72 for the high. then 75 tuesday. that's a better chance fo
, she's the inventor of spanx. >> that's another story. to be determined in a court of law. >> we appreciate it. >> this is midsection compression, this waist band won't roll down. that's what the lace is. then it's smooth, beautiful. from the waist down. >> thank you, sweetie. so sorry for our technical difficulties. >>> jimmy fallon is trying to get a ride here and our sara gets taken for a ride. >> that is right after this. ♪ >> time for sara in the city. our sara haines found out what it's like to get around on one wheel. >> so sara, did you fall for unicycling or what? >> well, i fell a lot, let's just say that. it turns uni cycles aren't just for sir cusses. hundreds came out where professionals and amateurs proved less wheels equals more fun. ♪ >> this is the third year of the new york unicycle festival, basketball, hockey, bmx or skateboarding but on one wheel. >> also at the festival, kip jones, a member of the famous king charles troupe. they're sort of the dream team of the unicycle community. >> they dribble, they shoot, they dunk, we jump rope. anything imaginable
professional or older gentleman. we gifted this for my father-in-law and he loved it. ? let's move down to beauty. we have about a minute. >> this is birch box. this is tailored for anybody if you're into beauty and you don't know what to buy. birch box tailors each product they send to you based on your eye type, skin concerns and so forth. that's only $10 a month. let's get to the club w. incredible wine club for anybody not into wine, doesn't know about it. doesn't know how to pick a bottle. >> or just likes it. >> you fill out a survey, are you into citrus, how do you like your coffee? based on that they have a team of experts that pick wines for you. it's only $13 a bottle. you get three for $39. >> how was it? >> good. >> you filled out a survey. they sent a red for you, hoda. and a white for you, kathie lee. how does it pass the test? >> it's delicious. thank you. >>> some engineering students caused a huge commotion. during an exam. why should golfers take 5-hour energy? playing golf all day can make you tired. i've been taking the product for about a year. and, after taking 5-h
, peter. erica, katherine, paul and son-in-law drew. and some other people. we have no idea who they are. but anyway, let's take one last he new deb! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. all right, you guys. deb, you want to take a look? >> yes. ah! oh, my word! oh! >> you look good. >> louis. >> the best fashion beauty accessory you have is your smile. they light up rooms. this is, again, haircut, give her simple hair. it's very chic. very stylish. you're beautiful. >> what do y'all think? >> we've been married 25 years. she's beautiful every day. but wow! >> wow! >> you look so great. >> thanks. >> somebody might get lucky today. >> the outfit is from talbot's. her daughters and i had a consultation before. they said her skirts are always high-waisted. >> let's bring tracy back out. we're going to answer a question coming up next. are we smarter than a college student? and the answer is -- >> does anybody question that? >> no. ♪ new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need a
's -- the box from the laws of physics actually make it louder which is really cool. >> cool. >> now another example -- enough music. >> thank you, al. >> another lesson in circuits from laser pegs. love these sets. about $20, making them more accessible. build the models to their specs or open-ended for kids with special needs. >> jigsaw puzzles. >> one of the best uses of apps. some did not fare well but this one really works. ravens burger puzzle. build this 1,000-piece puzzle. this is something you'll want to do together, and look what happens. when he -- when he puts the ipad on the puzzle, different aspects of the puzzle come to life. >> that's very, very -- >> cool. >> my son down there loves when i say lego "star wars," educational, bring them home. that's true of all construction toys on our list, because kids are learning how to follow directions. working on their fine motor skills. spacial relations. >> this is a submarine, and our kids love it. >> this is the "gangnam style"? >> the gungun sub. >> love the cultural references there. >> really cool pieces. love to work on this. i
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will be conducted here under 19th century italian law. the first session is scheduled to last three hours. if found guilty, gabriele faces up to four years in jail, a sentence that would be served out in an italian prison, since the vatican has no jail of its own. gabriele saw himself as an agent of the holy spirit and wanted to clean up what he saw as evil and corruption in the headquarters of the roman catholic church. but many vatican watchers think the case goes much deeper. >> i can't find anyone who really believes that the pope's butler is solely responsible, that he concocted this scheme of stealing papers, of the pope. >> the most significant involved allegations of nep on totism, corruption and cronyism. others concerned the vatican's bank, which has suffered several scandals in the past. the butler scandal will be covered by a pool of eight reporters. no cameras will be allowed. only about 30 trials a year are held in the small courtroom, mainly for pickpocketing in st. peter's square. the trial is held on saturday because the judges and prosecutors all work in the italian judicial syste
incorporating due process, full rule of law within the vatican, and this case that's going on right now, this trial is a demonstration of it. it's the first time the media has been invited inside the vatican for such a criminal trial. >> father robert gall, thank you for joining us. >>> now to the race for the white house, today is expected to be a quiet date for both president obama and mitt romney. neither candidate has any public events planned. behind the scenes, they're cramming for their first debate. chip reid is traveling with the romney campaign in boston. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. this debate is huge for both candidates. some republican strategists say if does not do well in this, it could be downhill from there. and president obama's advisors are very worried he could make a mistake giving mitt romney the opportunity he needs. >> my opponent thinks it's fair that somebody who makes $20 million a year like he does plays a lower tax rate than a cop or teacher who makes $50,000. >> at campaign appearances friday, president obama and mitt romney seemed to be previewing
or will we see the cool, constitutional law professor? >> both because to win, because he's competitive he needs to be cool and he knows that. that's one overriding concern presented to him by his advisers. don't freak out. don't get irritated. >> many people support mitt romney on sunday talk shows say he has to be aggressive he has to take to it the president. >> what happens in presidential debates sue have two fundamental goals as a candidate. drive your message and knock your opponent off his. to knock the president off his message, romney campaign knows, governor romney has to be unrelenting. >> romney as an op-ed talking about his view on foreign policy. there seems to be some question within the romney camp as to whether they should even be talking about foreign policy. >> this has been an ongoing debate since the libya crisis and there were, in the immediate hours after that when governor romney stepped into this, we'll prosecute this larger global argument against the president's foreign policy mishandling the arab spring. it's been weeks now until this op-ed appears. it's not ju
about my mom? >> your mom is my mother-in-law. >> your mother-in-law. >> the two remained in contact. >> she is, you know, means the world to me. it kind of hurts i won't be able to see her again. >> when she was just 9 months old, she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. she fought bravely through several rounds of chemotherapy and other treatments earning her a standing ovation during the stand understood to cancer te telethon earlier this month. >> this feisty 6-year-old faces every test, round of chemo, hospital stay and setback with the courage and strength of all history's heroines combined. >> wednesday, her family announced the tragic news of her passing via the twitter page where we first learned of her illness. our darling avalanna went to heaven this morning. you took our hearts with you. >> later justin tweeted his reaction to the news saying one of the greatest spirits i've ever known is gone. rest in peace, avalanna, i love you. >> only about 30 new cases of atrt are diagnosed in the united states each year. the survival rate is just 10%. matt,
services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. >>> just ahead, the new school lunch guidelines that have students singing the blues. >> and they are playing our song. more of your "ask away today" questions after your local news. sleek new styling... sophisticated dual cockpit design, and sport sculpted seats. available chevrolet mylink infotainment system. the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu. ♪ refined comfort to get you in a malibu state of mind no matter what state you live in. ♪ like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. police in baltimore county are investigating an alleged sexual assault that happened inside a parked school bus. the alleged assaults took place just before 10:00 last night in a bus across the street from dulaney valley high school. girl was taken to hospital for treatment and she is expected
they couldn't find any evidence she dealt with high level complaints in politics, finance or law enforcement as they had once believed. ultimately gristina spent four months behind bars before finally coming up with a $250,000 bond. today spoke wi "today" spoke with her exclusively her first night home. >> i'm scared to go to sleep because i'm afraid i'll wake up and not be here. >> reporter: she will be able to stay in her home for now. gristina will be sentenced to six months behind bars, but since she's spent much of that time behind bars already, she won't likely spend another night behind bars. still, she did plead guilty which means she could be deported. matt, back to you. >> thank you very much. let's get another check of the weather now from al who is out in cleveland. >> all right, matt, thank you so much. here in cleveland, overlooking the west side market, on the west side of cleveland, we've got a day today where temperatures aren't too extreme. in fact, really nothing all that horrible today. we expect to see 60s in new england, into the northeast 70s and 80s through the south.
to legalize gay marriage. the word "parents" would be used. the law could also give equal adoption rights to same-sex couples. >>> "the washington post" reports s.a.t. reading scores have hit a four-decade low, blamed on the record number of students taking the test. 57% of applicants did not score high enough to indicate they will succeed in college. >>> and "usa today" looks at a new effort to get junk food out of schools. more than 300 retired military leaders say high calorie, low-nutrient food is contributing to childhood obesity. they say many young people are too heavy to serve in the military, putting national security at risk. we've heard the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff say that it is a nati >>> bill clinton says violent protests over an anti-islam film are out of place in the 21st century. >> you have to allow people to say and do things that you find abhorrent and you can't react every time you're insulted. >> this morning we'll ask the former president about the middle east, the presidential race and the next four years. >>> and there's hope for retired fbi agent rob
say they couldn't evict someone while it was pending. >> law enforcement wouldn't step up to the plate. we didn't have the luxury to get an attorney. >> i went to the house to get the squatter's side of the story? can i ask you a couple of questions. are you moving out today? >> no. >> not moving today? this is not your house, you know that. >> yeah. >> why are you still here? >> they told me to get off their property. >> troy and dana donovan claim that you -- >> do you know them. >> i talked to them today. >> go talk to them again. >> i did. they have a court order that says they are allowed to move in. >> talk to them again. we have nothing to say to you. >> they wouldn't talk to me, the squatters reportedly believe they had legitimately bought the home for $5,000 from a real estate agent and had documents to back their claim on the house. >> set the record straight. i'm giving you the opportunity. it took nine excruciating months before the squatters were forced to leave. now dana and troy can say good- bye to the cramped quarters. dana gave me a message for anyone who thinks such
ask for? more "let's make a deal" right after this. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. waiting for you every day at payless. just look for the green tag. and for more great savings, everything else in the store is on bogo: buy one get one 50% off the second item. only at payless. wayne: everybody, welcome back to "let's make a deal." i'm here with my buddy, mr. cat gray. we're going to do a little something right now that i need two people that are good at making noises. (cheers and applause) you, right there. and you, right there. the guy in... the workout dude. come here, come with me. (cheering) natalie, how are you doing? stand right there for me. you, travis, come over here. team u.s.a., stand over here for me, travis. all right. now, you're with the mad air? let's make a deal air? -(breathless): deal airlines
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)